A Bayonne au Pays basque l'avocat Carlo Alberto Brusa Président de l'association Réaction 19

Société / Santé

Lawyer Carlo Alberto Brusa President of the Réaction 19 association invited to Bayonne in the Basque Country on the initiative of the Réaction 19 (64-40) collective being created. Master Alberto Carlo Brusa spoke in front of a little more than 80 people bringing together some of the members of this collective, as well as the associations Réinfo Covid (64-40), Enfance & Libertés, Parents-64 and others, who had been invited for the occasion by this collective reaction 19, 64/40.

Bayonne, Pays basque, 64 , Nouvelle Aquitaine, Pyrénées Atlantiques, Sud Ouest, France, Europe.
New Aquitaine, Basque Country.