A l’invitation du collectif « EZ PASS de liberté ! Nora Goaz Kolektiba ? » Le Conseil Scientifique Indépendant fait le bilan des deux années de crise sanitaire à Espelette.

Société / Politique / Santé

It is in Espelette in the Basque Country and on the initiative of the collective “EZ PASS de liberté! Nora Goaz Kolektiba? “As part of its first public meeting (a series of meetings around the health management of the coronavirus) that the collective received Doctor Eric Ménat. This co-founder of the Independent Scientific Council presented to just over a hundred people the results of two years of health crisis, without getting into conspiratorial debates, himself not being anti-vaccines, remaining the as factual as possible and above all by questioning the health management of the government. The creation of this scientific council (January 9, 2021) was set up in order to disseminate scientific information by professionals independent of any financial or political influence. It brings together scientists, doctors and researchers recognized in their field for their skills, their experience and their total absence of conflicts of interest. Source: Free Health Coordination.