Après le meeting du 30 avril à Bordeaux, le CADE enchaine les réunions d’informations et repart au combat contre la LGV.

Environnement / Politique

Information meeting on the LGV project by the CADE association in Arbone in the Basque Country on May 06, 2022. GàD Pierre Recarte vice-president of CADE (Collective of Associations for the Defense of the Environment Pays Basque-Sud des Landes ) and Victor Pachon Current President of the association. LGV Pays basque, project linking Bordeaux to the Spanish border which is part of a group called GPSO (Grands Projets du Sud-Ouest) by RFF (Réseau Ferré de France). The GPSO includes two sections Bordeaux-Toulouse and Bordeaux-Spain.